Before & After Photo Philosophy

You've Probably Noticed an Absence of Before & After Photos

Dr. Donaldson and the surgical team are extremely proud of their work and our patients are beyond happy with their results. A quick look at our reviews will tell you as much. So why the missing photos?

Our Focus: Precision, Privacy & Personal Confidence

Using our patients’ naked bodies for marketing tools has never sat well with us. It doesn’t line up with our values and the kind of practice that we strive to be. We respect you, your body, and your confidence which, to us, is far more important than leveraging your nudity for our purposes.

What we will do is share before & after photos during consultations in the privacy of our office. We want you to choose the best plastic surgeon for your needs, and seeing results from previous patients is a big part of being able to do that. Dr. Donaldson is excited to share those photos with you while you’re here.

Actual Patient Stories Really Tell the Story!

In the meantime, we have these video testimonials to share with you. Instead of sharing their before & after photos, we’ve asked our patients to share their stories. In these videos, you will hear patients describe in their own words what it’s like to be a DPS patient and why they couldn’t be happier with their results. Every photo you see browsing our website is of our real patients, too.

We hope you enjoy hearing their stories and we look forward to seeing you in our office soon!

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