下巴增大 & 下巴的外形轮廓

你有没有想过自己有一个“弱下巴”?? Do you ever wish for a more defined jawline or a more attractive side profile? 如果你对以上任何一个问题的回答是“是”,“你可能适合做下巴轮廓的下脸 & 下颌的轮廓填充!


Chin & 下颌的轮廓填充 are popular nonsurgical injectable treatments that shape and refine the look of the lower face. 一起或单独表演,下巴 & 下颌的轮廓填充 can give you a stronger facial structure and more angular side profile. 真皮填充物是由暂时性的 透明质酸 are injected to build volume in these areas, which can provide a more angular appearance & 优化你的脸,让它发挥最大的潜力!

仔细看看好处:中国 & 下颌的轮廓填充


Because of the laws of gravity, lower face anatomy is always affected by what is happening above it. As we age, our skin loses collagen, which leads to skin laxity and folds in the lower face. 它可能看起来很薄, 多余的皮肤从下颌和下巴周围垂下来, 使下脸更柔和,轮廓更少. This is known as jowling, which can easily be addressed using filler in many cases. Chin and 下颌的轮廓填充 can provide the “lift” needed to correct jowls quickly and efficiently.


下巴和下颌填充也可以用来瘦脸. Lengthening the chin or creating definition along the jawline is instantly slimming, 尤其是和a结合的时候 脸颊增大. Men and women who wish for stronger-looking jawline can opt for more volume to be placed at the back of the jawline, 耳朵下面.


Adding filler to the chin and jawline can be very useful in creating overall facial balance. Beauty is about creating symmetry and balance between the left and right sides of the face, 还有脸的上半部和下半部. 如果我们增加(放大)或塑造脸的一部分比另一部分多, 脸会显得不平衡. Our injectors always take into account your overall features when determining if chin and 下颌的轮廓填充 would be right for you.


形状和轮廓是下巴的重要方面, 下巴是整个面部审美的关键部分. 除了简单地增加下巴的轮廓外, 你的注射器也可以软化尖尖的下巴, 或者磨一个弱的. 


当我们拉长或增加下巴的体积 & jawline, we generally use a hyaluronic filler with a little more structure to provide that lift and contour that is important for tapering the lower face.

我们通常会用填充物 Radiesse, Voluma, or RHA 4 for the chin and jawline, but the product we choose really depends on our goal for the treatment. We can use fillers that are a little softer or more subtle if we’re addressing the areas of shadowing, 或者是更密集的填充物如果我们真的在模仿骨骼结构的话.


Volux是最新添加的 到juvsamuderm越来越多的令人难以置信的化妆品填充物,这些填充物获得了fda的批准. It offers almost 2 times as much elasticity as Voluma — and 3 times the cohesivity. 这意味着选择volx的患者得到了一个高度结构化的, yet moldable filler that instantly provides a beautiful and natural-looking contour that can last more than 12 months. 


The ideal candidate for chin filler is anyone who has a poorly-projected chin, 谁开始看到他们的影子了 pre-jowl沟 (small depressions on either side of the chin, and a pre-cursor to the formation of 木偶线) ,或任何对他们的资料有疑虑的人. Chin & 下颌的轮廓填充 would help anyone who has a “weak” chin or jawline to improve their facial balance, and it is also often recommended balance out the lower face for those who receive a robust lip filler 澳洲幸运10最新正规开奖官网,还是个人用 micrognathism (尺寸过小下巴).

Jawline contouring is a good treatment for anyone with mild skin laxity causing sagging skin around the jaw, 下颌轮廓模糊, 从下巴到脖子的不明确的角度, or anyone who wishes for a sharper angle of the the jawline under the ears. The tiniest details make the biggest difference in how you feel about your facial appearance!

However, chin and 下颌的轮廓填充 is not a substitution for the beautiful effects of a 下面部提升, a neck lift, genioplasty (下巴植入物)或 下巴吸脂手术. Certain concerns for may make you a candidate to explore surgical options, and your injector will discuss your options with you at your consultation. 


它将持续大约一年. Initially, we will likely have you come in for more than one filler session to slowly build you up to the profile that you want. This means that there will be maintenance treatments after a year in order to maintain your results.


下巴和下颌填充物的费用通常在900美元左右. The price you pay is dependent on the amount of product needed to achieve your results, 哪些可以在多种澳洲幸运10最新正规开奖官网过程中完成. Usually, a patient’s lower face augmentation is expected to fall somewhere between $900 and $3000.

我该期待什么呢?? Treatment & Results

At your consultation, we look overall at what your goals and concerns are. 我们会讨论你的身体结构,接下来会发生什么,以及澳洲幸运10最新正规开奖官网过程. Then we decide on a product, review pricing, and determine if you’d like to receive your

When we’re ready to inject, we will sterilize the area and explain how the injection will feel. 你可能会感到针扎, but many HA fillers have a numbing agent in them to increase your comfort. 一旦我们完成, 我们会审查善后事宜, provide you with an ice pack to reduce the potential for swelling and bruising.

为什么选择唐纳森整形手术 & 下颌的轮廓填充?

Our patients come to see us because they recognize that we truly care about educating them with the best, 最有效的澳洲幸运10最新正规开奖官网建议. You and your aesthetic specialist can discuss all different kinds of treatment options to help you achieve your goals. The individualized attention and range of available treatments will make the difference.

我们对澳洲幸运10最新正规开奖官网的期望是非常现实的, are were not afraid to be honest and tell you that a desired result may not be achievable. Experience and anatomy will always be important to us to make sure you receive the most natural look, so you never look hardened or overdone — just the very best version of you!


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